from the speech of Prof. S. Minasyan

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the International Coordinating Committee we would like to express our gratitude to all participants in our International Virtual conferences. Since 2008 we have been working to develop and realize the Creation of a Virtual Educational Space for the World Community. The aim of the project has been to join the forces of instructors from leading universities across the globe, scholars from different countries working in various disciplines with individual styles and approaches to human communication and cooperation in the confines of intercultural communication.

Participants have come from far reaches of countries and all corners of the earth to four major conferences: “Educational and Communicative Space in the CIS and Europe: Information Technologies in the Study of Russian in Institutions Not Specializing in Language Instruction,” 2008; “Information and Educational Space: The International Planet ‘The Russian Language’,” 2009; “Information and Communicative Technologies in Russian Studies: The Current Situation and Perspectives,” 2010; and “Educational Technologies in a Virtual Linguistic-Communicative Space,” 2011. The participants of the conferences, representatives of differing linguistic cultures and approaches to Russian studies had an opportunity to integrate their knowledge, skills and research methodologies in informational technologies and to assimilate the effectiveness of communication. Twenty nine nations from Russia and near and far have taken part in the project.

In today's world, the world of economic crises, electronic conferences offer significant economical potential and thanks to the latest technological advancements we can interact virtually, obtaining not only extremely interesting information, but also participating in conversations for the development of educational and pedagogical technologies with representatives from leading international institutions. (Several monographs and textbooks have been published and lectures and classes have been carried out in virtual space).

The International Coordinating Committee (Armenia, Czech Republic, Italy, Russia, Slovakia, USA) is continuing work on its project Creation of a Virtual Educational Space for the World Community. We invite scholars, educators, instructors and graduate students to participate in the work of the International Virtual Conference «The Planet Russian Language in Virtual Linguistic Communicative Space.

The Aim of the Conference is to unite Russian specialists and literary scholars from different countries, to shine light upon relevant issues in Russian studies, literature, language learning pedagogy in the humanities, to increase the effectiveness of international cooperation, and the culture of electronic communication by creating a Network, a new way of sharing experiences, a new innovative educational medium. The International Virtual Conference will be organised by CLIRO (Forlì, Italy) using the conferencing software Adobe Connect and Skype.